Beautiful Boy | Film Q&A

Actors Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet, director Felix Van Groeningen, screenwriter Luke Davies, and producers Dede Garner and Jeremy Kleiner discuss their 2018 film Beautiful Boy. Also joining them are father and son, David and Nic Sheff, on whose memoirs the film was based. The film follows a father's harrowing account of trying to get his son off crystal meth.

Two sides of a story

Producer Dede Gardner explained the importance of basing the film on the two memoirs of father and son Nic and David Scheff, and seeing the son’s addiction struggles from both sides.

It was very holistic to the narrative that you would have both sides of an experience.

A parent’s worst nightmare

Being a father helped Steve Carrell to understand David’s emotions and fears of having a son in the grips of a serious addiction.

When I read this material I was obviously moved by it and related to it. As soon as you become a parent all you do is worry about your kids. The thought of them spiraling out of control with no recourse on your part is the worst possible thing imaginable.

Seeing light in the darkness

Timothée Chalamet explained how he tackled his characters decent into addiction, and saw the human side of becoming a “drug addict”.

The thing I kept in mind when I was doing this was ‘look for the light at all times’ and that to me seemed to be the crux of the movie.

Timothée Chalamet's portrayal of Nic has earnt him a Supporting Actor nomination in the 2019 EE British Academy Film Awards.