Gemma Arterton on Fish Tank | BAFTA Selects

Film, stage and television actress Gemma Arterton discusses how Andrea Arnold’s BAFTA-winning film Fish Tank has inspired her. Using the film as a starting point, hear Arterton go in-depth on her career as an actor, the consequences of not having a creative outlet and the future of women in the film industry. Find some food for thought from the interview below!

I get to work with all these different directors and writers. That's what excites me the most as an actor: just mixing it up and throwing yourself off constantly. Being a bit freaked out each time you do a job.


If you're really a creative person + you don't have an outlet...what happens to you?


I wish someone had just told me: don't do what they tell you to do. Just be you. Also be able to be other people + act + stuff...