Judge Romesh | TV Q+A

Join Romesh Ranganathan + Tom Davis, the stars of the new reality television show Judge Romesh, as they chat about preparing to play a fake judge (hint: you don't) + being creative for a living. See a couple of our favourite moments below.

1. How being a father is like being a judge

Ranganathan jokes that he was inspired to be a judge who rules entirely based on his own opinions after being called to his son's school following reports of an altercation.

I just don't understand why you have to have evidence [to know who's guilty] when you can just look at the kid. The kid looks awful. You can't just rule for that reason. So I decided that was something I wanted to take to court.

2. On preparing for the role

I didn't want anything like facts or genuine competence to get in the way.

The best preparation is to remain unaware of the case details until showtime in order to keep him on his toes + shooting from the hip.

3. The best part about working in entertainment

Ranganathan, who was formerly a teacher, + Davis, who was formerly a scaffolder, both feel that the open-ended craziness of their current professional lives is well suited to their preferences.

Paying your bills by doing something creative is very rewarding.