Killing Eve | TV Q+A

Multi-BAFTA winning writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag) is joined by Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer + Fiona Shaw to discuss Killing Eve, the eight-part series about a bored MI5 security officer who's tasked with tracking down fearsome assassin Villanelle. Listen for unique writing tips from Waller-Bridge herself + a step-by-step guide to finding your 'people.'

1. Rediscovering the joy of words

Fiona Shaw has some very warm words to describe Waller-Bridge's writing, saying that the Killing Eve script leaps off the page with an artistry that shows her true enjoyment of the craft.

Phoebe has put language back into screen text [...] she just spins us all on a top.

2. The key to captivating characters

If you have one answer [...] it's going to be a boring character.

When it comes to creating a character that captures the viewers' imaginations, Waller-Bridge says it shouldn't be easy to lay out exactly what motivates him/her. It's more interesting to have some nuanced shades to a character, bringing them closer to the complexity of everyday life.

3. Showing the world as it is

Another hallmark of Killing Eve is the voracious, unbottoned quality of Villanelle as she eats, dresses + entertains both men + women in her personal life. When questioned, Waller-Bridge said it was less of a statement + more of a side note: it happens, so it's in the show.

It's not that I thought girls eat, it's that girls do eat!

4. Joining a cohort of like-minded creatives

A huge part for me is finding your people. Finding people who want to push you + who you will push in return.

Waller-Bridge's advice to aspiring creatives is to surround yourself with people who benefit from your presence while you benefit from theirs. Are you a workaholic who can't quite get your head around networking? Find a gregarious pal who needs help with procrastination. Mutual respect will take you both far.