The Success of Call Me By Your Name | Luca Guadagnino On Filmmaking

Luca Guadagnino | On Directing

Luca Guadagnino talks about his love of film and the making of Call Me By Your Name. Find some of his top tips for aspiring directors below!

The origins of a passion

I guess I've been a cinephile and a potential filmmaker since the very beginning of my life.

Guadagnino grew up in Ethiopia, and he describes going to the enormous Italian-style cinemas as a child to watch films with his parents. Later, when he had more autonomy, he remembers going to the cinema nearly every day in order to feed his hunger for motion pictures!

An industrious worker

I was very prompt. I knew where things were happening and I went there.

By keeping his ear to the ground, Guadagnino stayed abreast of all the goings-on in the local film industry. If he found out that a film was being shot nearby, he'd show up and try to get work.

Filmmaking with conviction

If I decide to do something, I do it with complete investment of myself.

Guadagnino heartily insists upon believe deeply in a project before taking it on. When discussing Call Me By Your Name, he describes reading the book and finding real meaning in the story, using that inspiration and excitement to fuel the long project ahead.

How to talk to actors

Many directors struggle to convey what they mean to actors, who may not benefit from the cold technicality of belaboured instructions and notes. Instead, Guadagnino recommends fostering a trusting environment in which the actors feel free to expand and break free of the confines of the role to turn it and the film into something more.

If you really make sure that your performers are given the possibility of the breath of life and not just the acting, you eventually get to a place of emotion that is what people in the audience will be connecting with.