Masterclass | Directing TV Drama

Join BAFTA-winning director Jonny Campbell (Informer, Westworld, In the Flesh, Eric and Ernie), SJ Clarkson, Director (Succession, Collateral, Vinyl, Star Trek 4), BAFTA-winning director Euros Lyn (Kiri, Damilola: Our Loved Boy, Happy Valley, Sherlock) and Tom Shankland, BAFTA-nominated Director (Les Miserables, The City And The City, House of Cards) as they share insights and experiences on leading a creative vision, working with writers and actors and who their key collaborators on set and in the edit are. Find some of our favourite moments below!

Audition secrets...

Learn from a director's point of view what they're looking for in an audition! Not only can you do it, but can you implement suggestions well?

Do it twice, even if they do it perfectly. I think it's quite good to give a note to do something else simply because I want to know how they're gonna be on the day if I say that's not quite how I saw it.

The value of fresh blood

It's nice to have that familiarity, but equally it's nice to have those new voices that come in and question you!

Many directors have a team of people they know they like to work with, but reaching outside those relationships is rewarding as well. Showing initiative and making your opinions known could be exactly what makes you valuable on a project.

Forging your own path

Having heroes and people you admire in your field is important, but even more important is your quest to be original. Instead of trying to remake something that you like, you've got to look a little closer.

I need to make shows that are in my heart.

Learning to take criticism well

You should be greedy for as many notes as you can get.

Feeling confident in your own work is something you should strive for, but taking feedback with grace is a necessary counterbalance. Flexibility is much more desirable in a collaborator than anger or bitterness!