Meet this year’s mentees and who they’ve been paired with

For a second year under the BFI NETWORK umbrella of professional development opportunities,  this year’s BFI NETWORK x BAFTA Crew programme for 150 writers, directors and producers actively working towards their debut feature, kicked off its roster of events in July. This year’s programme includes funding a debut, finding representation and conducting yourself on set, as well as roundtable discussions with BAFTA-winners and nominees.

This cohort of BFI x BAFTA Crew features 21 filmmakers from underrepresented groups who will be mentored by a more senior figure from the film industry, while developing professional connections and gaining an overview on making a debut feature.

These bespoke mentor relationships will be complemented by a rich programme of events and networking opportunities for our selected filmmakers to meet and exchange ideas with each other, the wider BFI NETWORK x BAFTA Crew cohort and the film industry.

Meet the mentees and their mentors below (in alphabetical order):



Alice Lusher (producer)

Katherine Bridle (Head of Film Development, See-Saw)

Alysia Maciejowska (producer)

Claire Mundell (BAFTA Scotland-winning producer Crying With Laughter, The Cry)

Benjamin Bee (director)

Tom Harper (BAFTA-nominated director, War & Peace, Wild Rose)

Cassiah Joski-Jethi (writer)

Angeli Macfarlane (Development Producer, Film London)

Charlotte Regan (director)

William Oldroyd (BAFTA-nominated director, Lady Macbeth)

Claire Nicol (writer)

Stephen Beresford (BAFTA-winning writer, Pride)

Colum Eastwood (director)

Gareth Tunley (BAFTA-nominated writer-director, The Ghoul)

Dee Harvey (writer and interactive producer)

Dan Tucker (Executive Producer Immersive Content, BBC Studios, and Curator of Alternate Realities, Sheffield Doc Fest)

Dominic Curran (director)

Lisa Barros D'Sa & Glenn Leyburn (directors, Good Vibrations, Cherrybomb)

Fawzia Mahmood (producer)

Julia Nottingham (producer, Kingdom of Us)

Georgia Goggin (producer)

Emily Morgan (BAFTA-winning producer, I Am Not a Witch)

Joe McStravick (director)

Ben A Williams (BAFTA-nominated director, The Pass)

Jonathan Birch (director)

Rachel Robey (BATA Scotland-winning producer, The Levelling)

Lindsay Brown (director)

Morgan Matthews (BAFTA-winning director, Williams, X+Y)

Morayo Akande (writer)

Hope Dickson-Leach (BAFTA Scotland-winning writer-director, The Levelling)

Nour Wazzi (director)

Tina Gharavi (writer-director, I Am Nasrine)

PJ Hart (writer)

Celine Haddad (Creative Project Manager, Irish Film Board)

Raisah Ahmed (writer)

Peter Mackie-Burns (director, Daphne)

Sade Adeniran (writer)

Misan Sagay (writer, Belle)

Sophie Reynolds (producer)

Ivana Mackinnon (producer, Beast)

Yemi Bamiro (documentary director)

Orlando von Einsiedel (BAFTA-nominated director, Virunga, The White Helmets)

What is BFI x BAFTA Crew:

BFI NETWORK x BAFTA Crew is a talent development programme for 150 writers, directors and producers who are actively working towards their debut feature. 

What you get:

Priority tickets to bespoke events looking at creative and technical topics and key challenges.

Bespoke roundtables with BAFTA-nominees and BAFTA-identified new talent

Bespoke networking events with guests including BAFTA members, BAFTA-identified new talent & industry partners

Opportunity to apply for mentoring

Live and online networking with ‘below the line’ talent across departments

A monthly newsletter outlining upcoming events and opportunities

Access to a selection of tickets to BAFTAs wider learning and new talent programme, including masterclasses, events, screenings and Q&As

Access to podcasts of all events, just in case you miss something

Travel bursaries towards attending BAFTA Crew events anywhere in the UK

Who can apply:

BFI NETWORK x BAFTA Crew is open to writers, directors and producers who are actively working towards their first feature.​

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BFI NETWORK x BAFTA Crew is part of BFI NETWORK’s UK-wide talent development scheme

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