Pure | TV Q+A

What's it like to live with intrusive thoughts and OCD? Check out this Q+A with the creators of Pure, a new comedy drama on Channel 4 all about the experiences of Marnie (Charly Clive) as she moves to London and learns to deal with her "pure O."

Being discovered online

Charly Clive, who plays Marnie, was discovered online via a video on Vimeo. Hear her discuss getting the email calling her to audition for Pure and how her show Britney was the start of it all!

On making the nudity meaningful instead of gratuitous

They're not gratuitous; they're distressing to Marnie.

Though the nudity depicted in Marnie's intrusive thoughts sequences is extensive, the showrunners are quick to point out that it's an earned nudity that has purpose and context instead of an unnecessary addition for shock value.

Representing the mental health community well

The responsibility the team felt toward the mental health community in producing Pure made them determined to create the best, most accurate portrayal of these conditions as possible. Do you think they succed?

There's no point doing this if you're not going to do it right.