Why ‘Looking Too Weird’ Shouldn’t Stop You From Acting | Richard E. Grant on Acting

Richard E. Grant | On Acting

Richard E. Grant talks about his background as an actor and shares his secrets for avoiding being pigeonholed for parts. Find some of our favourite moments below!

The fear of not working

If you're not working then you feel like you have no identity.

Familiar with the feeling of going without work, Grant sympathises with actors who feel like not practicing their craft keeps them from being who they really are. 

Getting past initial reservations

It's like NO is invisibly tattooed on people's heads!

As a young actor, Grant remembers knocking on a lot of doors to no avail. The big change for him came when he decided to assume a negative response by default and to work extra hard to convince people, as though he'd already been rejected.

When helpful isn't helpful at all

He said, "You look too weird to really make it as an actor."

Meaning well, a professor once told Grant his honest opinion that Grant's career would likely be in writing or directing as opposed to acting, citing his student's looks as the chief reason. As it turns out...we like the way he looks!