Rupert Everett on Playing Oscar Wilde in The Happy Prince & Making Your Own Way in Film | On Acting

Rupert Everett | On Writing, Directing + Acting

Rupert Everett wrote, directed + stars in the new Oscar Wilde biographical drama The Happy Prince. Hear what makes the story of Oscar Wilde's tragic final years so resonant + some top tips for acting + writing from Everett himself in our latest intervew for BAFTA Guru. We've picked out a few key moments to highlight; check them out below!

1. Everett's personal connection with Oscar Wilde

Having previously starred in Wilde classics like An Ideal Husband The Importance of Being Earnest, Everett has a proven record of appreciation for Wilde + his work. Now, in capturing Wilde's final years in France, he pays yet another tribute to the notoriously witty + irreverent writer.

In one sense, [Oscar Wilde] is a kind of patron saint to me.

2. Giving + receiving advice on acting

I think taking advice as a young actor is not necessarily a good idea, + giving it is a really bad idea.

A staunch supporter of plowing one's own path, Everett is reluctant to guide people just starting out in their acting careers. He will, however, supply one pearl of wisdom:

3. Rely on your own engine

Everett characterises the life of an actor as brutal + cruel because of the near-constant expectation of rejection. He says that acting, like many professions, requires stamina + that you're better off sticking to your guns rather than relying on the advice of others.

I think you have to travel by your own light in this business.