Thor: Ragnarok & Hunt for the Wilderpeople Director Taika Waititi | Screenwriters Lecture

Taika Waititi | Screenwriters Lecture

Join Taika Waititi, the much-loved filmmaker behind Hunt for the Wilderpeople, What We Do In the Shadows and Thor: Ragnarok, for a hilarious lecture about starting late, taking 6 years to bring scripts to screen and the supreme difficulty of writing comedy. Find some of our favourite moments below!

Getting in the writing mindset

I spend a lot of time making a playlist. I listen to a playlist when I write.

When it comes to creating the perfect working atmosphere, Taika Waititi has got it down to a science. Listen to find out how he churns out multiple scripts at once under a deadline!

The general structure

Every screenwriter has a different way of approaching a screenplay. Waititi discusses his preference for looking at the big picture before working down into the particulars.

I'll start with the beginning and the end...then I'll put some scenes throughout...then, lazily, I just glue them all together with connecting scenes.

A sense of playfulness

It's ok to put ridiculous sh*t in movies. The world needs stupid stuff.

The birth of Korg

According to Waititi's version of events, he completely surprised everyone by taking the initially small role of Korg (one of the gladiators forced to battle each other in Thor: Ragnarok) and giving him a much larger presence in the film, to the delight of audiences everywhere.

They were like, "this rock character, maybe put him in one scene." And I was like, "yeah, sounds good. Maybe I could play that character?"