This Country Special | TV Q+A

BAFTA award-winning comedy This Country returns to BBC Three + BBC One this autumn for a one-off special to explore the fallout of Martin Mucklowe's treacherous betrayal of his blindly devoted daughter. Listen to the Q+A for a behind-the-scenes look at what went into this episode + what we might expect in the series to come. Find some of our favourite moments below!

1. How to make a not-so-special Special

A one-off special often concerns a notable event or time of year, conveying a complex story in a limited scope. For This Country, they took a very different approach.

For a long time we fell into the trap of 'it's a special, so therefore we've got to go + do something special.' Then eventually the penny dropped that actually a This Country special should be even more mundane.

2. The Coopers' methods

There's no real just somehow gets done.

According to Charlie, he + Daisy have slipped into a bit of a routine when writing for This Country. Reportedly, that routine involves Charlie typing while Daisy reclines nearby, vaping.

3. Aiming for the documentary over the mockumentary

The creators of This Country were very aware that the mockumentary market was all but saturated when they burst on the scene. They made their project stand out by going as realistic as possible, complete with a purposefully lagging camera + influences from factual filmmaking.

We wanted to do something that was really authentic + naturalistic. We were inspired by a lot of documentaries like the Vice documentary Swansea Love Story.