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Film Versus Digital: Debate

What are the creative and economic implications of the death of film and the rise of digital? Download and listen to an industry debate featuring director Kevin Macdonald and DoP John Mathieson.

Recorded at BAFTA on 12 November 2012.

It's well documented that cinemas are moving to total digitisation in the next few years, and the received wisdom is that this will be cheaper for distributors and cinemas, and should allow for greater audience choice on our screens.

But what are the creative and economic implications of this move for the filmmakers - directors, DoPs, producers, facilities companies and how is this affecting the way we preserve the work? Our panellists ask whether they are losing the choice to decide whether to shoot and screen on film or digital, and if so - what is being lost? 

We bring together major directors, DoPs, and technical professionals to look at these questions and some of the lesser understood arguments from their perspective..  

Panel includes:

Kevin Macdonald - Director, Marley, Touching The Void
Iain Softley – Director, K-Pax, Wings of the Dove, Backbeat and the upcoming Trap for Cinderella
John Mathieson – DoP, Gladiator, X-Men: First Class, Great Expectations
Hector MacLeod - CEO, Glassworks, post-production and visual effects facility
Charles Fairall – Head of Conservation, BFI National Archive