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Masterclass | From Script to Screen in association with Grazia

In association with GRAZIA, listen to this incredible panel of female BAFTA members and industry experts as they share how they launched their filmmaking careers + tips on how to get your first screenplay off the ground

Speakers include:

Rachel De-Lahay (Snatches: Moments from Women's Lives, Noughts & Crosses)
Olivia Hetreed (Girl with a Pearl Earring, Wuthering Heights)
Sally El-Hosaini (My Brother the Devil)

It’s Just a Suggestion

Rachel De-Lahay advises to take the process of ‘re-writes’ in stride; an integral part of script development, it's important to manage the pressures. Taking suggestions into account can, in many cases, improve your story in ways you haven’t considered yet.

The best think I learned recently is to respond with, ‘Let me think.’ And just step away - because it is your story and it has been in your head. But also fresh eyes, they’re like gold dust.

Execution Dependent


Progressing your screenplay is no easy feat, and truly proves there’s power in persistence. Screenwriter Sally El-Hosaini waited five years for the right moment and when it came, she was ready.

Even though people in positions of power may say things, doesn’t mean they’re right, it’s all just an opinion — that five year journey was me, building the muscle; I could’ve made the film years before but it wouldn’t be my film… stay true to your vision.”

Are there Rules?


Olivia Hetreed transitioned her career from editing to screenwriting and advises the rules must be broken. Storytelling is compromised if you're writing according to ‘rules’ - solidify your voice, believe in your story and then critique later.

There’s never a shortage of people telling you what’s wrong with your script. Write whatever it is you want to say, then figure out what’s wrong with it once you’ve finished, then shape it.