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Nadine Labaki | Screenwriters Lecture

Capernaum writer and director Nadine Labaki delivers an inspiring lecture about creativity, filmmaking and the struggle of working as a parent. Find some of our favourite moments below!

Talking an idea to life

I started feeling more creative when I was actually talking about the idea -- putting the idea out there and debating.

Instead of keeping an idea for a film close to the chest, Labaki prefers to talk it out with others from a very early stage in the development process. That back-and-forth is generative for her, and she seeks out people who will help push the concept further.

Trying on new identities

Cinema is the only place where it's legitimate for you to explore your other natures.

Labaki says filmmaking is where you can become someone else for a bit -- live a whole host of other lives. Opportunities and perspectives that may seem crazy in everyday life are possible in cinema.

Getting a fresh perspective

I actually tried hypnosis in order to try to forget the film!

In an attempt to get an objective view of the film she'd been working on for so long, Labaki even tried to have a friend hypnotise her into not remembering any of it so she could watch as though she'd never seen it before! Now that's commitment.