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Creating LittleBigPlanet & Founding Media Molecule | Siobhan Reddy on Games

Siobhan Reddy | On Games

Siobhan Reddy talks about what drove her into making video games and how she became the studio director for Media Molecule. Learn all about the making of LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway and Dreams while Siobhan tells you how to make your way in the games industry. Find some of our favourite moments below!

The meat of a games dev job

A big part of games development is editing, where you're throwing ideas out there and you edits those and choose the ones you like the most and move to the next stage.

Many creatives in all industries will resonate with this sentiment. The freedom to toss out ideas fosters creativity, while the clarity to know what works and what doesn't is vital to having a cohesive end product.

Games as the new frontier

Reddy sees games as this generation's media--a place where opportunities for innovation are nearly endless. The sheer breadth of creativity in games is already a testament to this belief, and she relishes the ability to play whatever is suited to her inclinations at the time, whether it's emotionally moving, intellectually challenging or just exhilirating action.

I kind of feel like I can decide whatever type of game experience I want to have right now.

Creating games...just for the fun of it

There's a joy in creating games all on its own [...] It's a really great hobby.

Reddy is dedicated to spreading the word about gamemaking as a hobby rather than just as a career. If we start to think about gamemaking as something people can enjoy without having to make a living from it, the community can really come to life. Reddy argues that creating a game can give people that same sense of personal satisfaction as playing the guitar or painting a portrait, if only more people were to be given access to it.