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The Widow | TV Q+A

Hear from the creative team behind the ITV drama The Widow, which tells the story of how a life changing event turns Georgia Wells (Kate Bekinsale) world upside-down & on the hunt to uncover the mysterious disappearance of her husband.

The Weekly Commitment 


With television becoming more international, the amount of quality TV dramas in recent years has many Hollywood film stars returning to the small screen. Well known for her film career, Two Brothers Production were certain Kate Beckinsale was ready for the shift; having immersed herself in the role of Georgia, Kate wanted commitment to a character that had a journey the audience could follow beyond the standard feature length film. 

You can tell proper character stories over a long period of time – actors want something to really get their teeth into & a proper world to get stuck into.“

Emotional Thrillers


Translating personal tragedy, writer-producers Harry and Jack Williams were inspired by a transparent blog entry from one of their fiancés as she detailed her experiences of being a widow. Providing the foundation for the main character there was an opportunity to explore the questions that come naturally when losing a partner.

What happens if you see that person again & what does that do to you? It had a lot of stories there and generated a lot of ideas which we were keen to embrace.