BAFTA Shorts Q+A | Film Awards 2019

Listen to this year’s 2019 EE British Academy Film Awards nominees in the British Short Film and British Short Animation categories discuss their innovative and experimental fiction, non-fiction and animation short films.


Barnaby Blackburn - Wale

Alex Lockwood - 73 Cows

Elizabeth Hobbs - I'm Ok

Angela Clarke - Bachelor 38

Greg McLeod - Marfa 

Sandhya Suri – The Field

The nominated films, chosen by a jury of leading industry figures, highlight the country's brightest British Short Filmmakers; showcasing original and exciting British talent. Previous nominees include directors Paddy Considine (Tyrannosaur), Martin McDonagh (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri), Chris Morris (Four Lions) and Sam Taylor-Johnson (Nowhere Boy). 

The Shorts are available to WATCH ON DEMAND via Curzon Home Cinema. Check out the trailer below here

See all the nominated Best Short Film and Best Short Animation, including 2019 BAFTA-winning British Short Film 73 Cows and Britsh Short Animantion Roughhouse

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A beef farmer battles with his conscience every time he takes his cows to slaughter. He knows he must make a change. (15 mins)

Nominees: Alex Lockwood - Director

Director Alex Lockwood on how the documentary came about from his wife sharing a newspaper article about former cattle farmers Jay and Katja Wilde giving up their herd  in exchange for sustainable organic vegan farming

I’ve never ever heard of anyone doing anything like, that would make a cool documentary – it didn’t occur to me straight away that I should make the documentary –

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Inspired by the life and art of artist Oskar Kokoschka, I’m OK explores the wounds of heartbreak and trauma. (6 mins)

Elizabeth Hobbs – Director and Producer
Abigail Addison – Producer
Jelena Popović – Producer

Animated Filmmaker and Screenwriter Elizabeth Hobb developed the story on the life and work of expressionist artist Oskar Kokoschka. Elizabeth’s approached wasn’t to rush the project, taking over four years to to carefully convey the intense events and traumas of his life,

In a way I was trying to capture the drama and the energy and passion, rather than the mental state – it’s more about editing something than thinking about the emotion

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An enduring love story of one man’s time in London. (16 mins)

Angela Clarke – Producer and Director

With an extensive background in developing TV documentaries, Angela Clarke explains the freedom of her venture into filmmaking independently and taking the reins in all aspects of the journey.

It’s much more free; not having to commit to a particular style – it was interesting because normally I’m delivering to a channel and they take control over promotion, you have to learn to navigate that territory [film promotion]


Event: Nominations Press ConferenceDate: Wednesday 9 January 2019Venue: BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, LondonHost: Will Poulter & Hayley Squires-Area: Nominations


A kind and caring nurse, Clare, is opening the door to her new job, but maybe some doors are best left shut... (9 mins)

Ben Clark – Writer and Executive Producer
Megan Pugh – Writer and Executive Producer
Paul Taylor – Director

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Between the cornstalks of Shahzadpur — in the realm of the senses. (19 mins)

Sandhya Suri – Writer and Director
Thomas Bidegain – Producer
Balthazar de Ganay – Producer

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An existential journey to a West Texan town. (8 mins)

Greg McLeod - Director and Animator
Myles McLeod – Director and Writer

BAFTA SHORTS 2019 - provided by distributor


When three teenage friends meet a charismatic stranger, their loyalty is torn apart with terrifying consequences. (16 mins)

Jonathan Hodgson – Writer, Director and Producer
Richard VanDenBoom - Producer