Krypton Star Cameron Cuffe on Being Seg-El | On Acting

Cameron Cuffe | On Acting

Cameron Cuffe, star of Syfy's new Krypton series, talks becoming Superman's granddad, how Star Wars inspired him to go into acting and the auditioning process for his latest role. Having grown up in London, Cuffe attended the Lir National Academy of Dramatic Art in Dublin before going onto appear in the BAFTA-nominated Florence Foster Jenkins. Take a look below to find out what we learned from our talk with him! 

1. Cameron says relax...

When Cuffe first auditioned for his role in Krypton, he had low expectations - so when he was initially turned down for the role, he wasn't too surprised. But he kept being called back - and it was his relaxed, comedic approach that won him the part. 

I thought: 'you have nothing to lose... as long as you're here, you might as well have fun with it.'

2. Playing a beloved role? Try not to feel the pressure!

When Cuffe came onboard to play Seg-El (aka Superman's granddad) in Krypton, he knew he was entering a universe with a lot of passionate fans. His advice for keeping the pressure off? Get inspired instead:

All of that passion and all of that desire to get it right comes from love - the fans love this... it's something that grounds you and makes you all the more determined to do a good job. I found it very useful. 

3. Learn from the people around you

Cuffe's co-star on Krypton is BAFTA-winning actress Georgina Campbell. Enforced on-set bonding aside, Cuffe says he learned a lot from her on-set. 

I was learning all the time from her and I was always open to everything she had to offer to a scene.

4. There's no secret recipe for a perfect audition

Trying to conquer those audition nerves? Here's some tips from Cameron Cuffe:

  • Work hard
  • Know your lines backwards
  • Be prepared
  • Have a take on the character

But most importantly?

Go in like you're workshopping the role... Have a bit of fun with it and remember, whether you get the role or not, you're still an actor