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That killer line of dialogue. The melodic phrase that caught your ear. Here's where we hone in on the many individual crafts that are essential to production.

Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings) spoke about what has shaped his career as an actor.


Great performances can range from the restrained to the flamboyant. They bring truth and vitality to a character - and we can't take our eyes off them.


From hand drawn to computer generated images, the opportunities in animation are limitless, taking us into worlds of warmth, magic and ingenuity.


Light. Lens. Focus. Ensuring a scene is perfectly lit requires great technical skill and creative flair. Are you ready for your close up?

Costume+Make Up

The right threads, hairstyle and make-up can tell you all you need to know about a character before they’ve even said a word.


Bold orchestration of cast and crew will successfully  bring an artistic vision off the page and onto the screen. Action!


The exploration of real life in documentaries and factual programming shows that truth is just as compelling as fiction. 


This invisible art sets the pace, draws you in and guides you through, usually without drawing attention to itself.


Whether a historical drama or intergalactic sci-fi, the best production design, SFX and VFX will seamlessly bring these worlds to life.


Some of the most influential names in gaming discuss their work. Essential viewing for aspiring games developers and designers.


As the driving force behind a project, a producer’s tenacity and commitment ensures it’s delivered on time, budget and much more.


It all starts here. Every line of dialogue and piece of action first appeared on the blank page of the screenwriter.


A vital part of any film, video game or TV show’s DNA, sound and music bring texture, emotion and authenticity to the experience.